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Art gleeson judo team bath
Presented to Juergen Klinger, Head Coach at Uni of Bath’s High Performance Judo Centre by Finn Gleeson of Gleeson Judo.


Presentation of Art Work:

I must appologies, I’m very much behind hand with these news/blog posts. However, you might have seen on the social media platforms of Gleeson Judo, Instagram, Twitter & FaceBook, that I have donated one of my paintings to the University of Bath’s dojo. This is shows how we are getting a much closer relationship with the Universtiy judo. I believe in education and culture, always trying where possible to included it in my teaching. It’s no good just doing judo, a ‘judoka’ a judo player must be intelligent!

The Painting:

This is quite an old painting, I did it after my MA which turned on reasearch on the moving image and its perception, particularly in art. More of that some other time perhaps?

Other news:

just in, as they say, to further our links, I have now in the process of starting coaching the Universtiy Of Bath’s Student Union Judo Club. I “helped out”  took part of the session tonight, throughly enjoyed it! I’m really looking forward to the future training of the students.

Well, I think that covers all the main occurances recently. Please feel free to comment, it’d be nice to hear any thoughts etc!


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