BOYS IAPS May, last offical competition of this academic year.

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This is a straight lift of the report I wrote for Hazlegrove School after the comp earlier this month. Thought I’d post it, for better or worse, its interesting, I hope –

IAPS 9 to 10 BOYS REPORT 12 MAY 2018.



Dino standing tall with his Gold medal.

This is the final event for the judo IAPS for this academic year and it went off very well indeed! With one Gold medal, courtesy of Dino and a Silver from William. The points made from these two put Hazlegrove third in the national team standings! This is a difficult event for these young lads to live through. It’s a very frightening and stressful process but will stand them in good stead for the coming years of competing. We selected six boys to enter, but unfortunately James Batty was taken away before the day due to being over tired from hard work at school.

The day went as follows: William (Billy), was first up. I could see the pressure taking its toll in his eyes. Despite this he went out there and fought hard. It was difficult match. Several times the boys went to the ground, Billy was very tactical saving himself from getting turned over every time! Eventually after a long close match Billy’s luck ran out, his opponent managed to throw him very close to the end of time. There was no opportunity for Billy to make back the score, so loosing his first fight but not a bad effort for a first time at all!

Second fight, went better – after a long wait, the contest was close fought. Billy, soon got a ‘waza ari’ throw, getting him very close to winning. There followed many close calls on both sides. No scores given. Then just before time was called, Billy got his second waza ari throw thus winning the bout outright and getting a Silver medal!

Billy” with his Silver Medal

Second man up, from Hazlegrove, was Rory. A very unfortunate contest for him. First of the day and he obviously wasn’t really ready. His opponent had the measure of him, throwing Rory for waza ari almost immediately, then straight away holding him down to finish the job. These things happen, but onwards and upwards. There was still another fight to go.

Next was Sammy. Sammy hasn’t been doing judo for long so this was really a big ask from him. He really wasn’t sure what was going to happen. And it all went very quickly. A loss but very much a learning experience as we will soon see!

Rory was up again for his second fight. More determined this time. He fought hard moved around but unfortunately despite everything, luck wasn’t with Rory today. He lost this fight too. A great effort, well done Rory!

ory in action in his second fight

Shalto, out next. An unknown quantity. He’d missed the training session before the competition, prepping for it, so how would he manage? A hard match, Shalto was all over the other boy. Pulling him this way and that. Finally near the end of time, a throw was made winning the contest for Shalto!

Sammy’s second competition experience had arrived. This was the one, nothing to loose, Sammy was ready for action. He fought hard and the contest went on right to the end of the time allowed. Exhausting both boys. There were many close calls. Sammy very nearly caught the other boy on several occasions. A really fight and a great effort from such a young judo player! Unfortunately Sammy’s lack of experience showed, shortly before time, he conceded a throw and so lost out on his first judo championship experience. However if anyone deserved fighter of the day, it would be Sammy! Great job! Real fighting spirit! Someone to watch for next year’s event.

Shalto had his second match next, not so good this time. Despite a good start, a loss of concentration lost him the match. Still one to go though…

So this time Shalto came out strong and dominate! He controlled the other boy and all was looking positive. Then with a wrong step, Shalto moved the into the teeth of a throw that the other boy helped himself to – a final loss for Shalto after a great days fighting! Invaluable experience, lots of potential for next year.

Shalto defending a throw.

Dino was the last man of the squad from Hazlegrove. After getting a Bronze last year he was ready for the next level! Out he went, no messing about with this boy! Strong and in control all the way to his first throw, bang down went Dino’s opponent – about half way through time. Dino continued to dominate right to end not letting the other boy get a sniff and won putting fear into all the boys of that weight class!

The second fight was up against a much heavier ‘Russian’ boy. Dino was a little nervous but no problem. Soon Dino tipped him up for a waza ari, missed a couple more opportunities before throwing him again, and pinning him to win by a convincing Ippon! Job done on to the last fight of the day.

The final fight, eventually came round, after a long wait. Dino was in fine form. Dominated from the start, with a strong performance. He walked into his first throw, down went the opposition. Then after missing a few opportunities Dino smashed in another waza ari to put pay to his opponent and so winning the Gold medal!

A long but fruitful day. Many of those competing will be medalists in future years! A great result for the school overall. Let’s hope things will steadily improve over the coming years? A big thank you to the boys for their valiant efforts on the day, to the parents for taking them and the P.E. Staff at Hazlegrove for arranging everything! Next competition will be the Girl’s in January, see you here for that one.

Finn Gleeson

Judo teacher

4th Dan, MA, PGCE, BA(Hons)

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