BUCS – universities sports championships

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BUCS – British Universities & College Sports

National Championships 16 & 17 February 2019,

at Sheffield Arena.


BUCS takes place in the spring and involves not only judo but most sports that universities offer their students; swimming, badminton, athletics etc.

Bath Uni as you know is a strong sports Universtiy and the judo is particularly potentent with a high performance programme made up of many students of the university. There is also a less intense student club which I am now coaching along with one or two others from the club itself.

The event took place at Shffield Arena, a long way off but as Scottish universities come down its probably a fairly central spot. We arrived on Friday, that was Juergen Klinger the Head Coach, his assistant coach Adam Hall and myself, we had a quite look round before settleing in. That evening there was a big dinner in town with most of the coaches from the sports competing at the weekend from Bath.

Saturday – Individual Contests

Individual warm-up

Saturday saw the individual contests, with 5 mat areas going it was quite a hectic experience! We were all running about including Matt the other coach from the Universty club. Players going out winning, loosing, fighting, fortunately not gettting injured, well none from Bath anyway. There were some seemingly quite nasty injuries but with time I think it was more the medics being especially cautious in fact as most were up and about soon after their long lay on the mats.

So to the results, Saturday brought us 2 Silver and 5 bronze medals (we were very much on target for one gold but the referees had other ideas). Those not selected for the Team event on sunday went out on the town, us oldies joined the Teams players for a nice Mexican meal and to bed early.

Sunday – Team Event.

Sunday went much better, the ‘girls’ team were out first, convincingly winning their matches, although unfortunately loosing the critical one putting them out of the running for the gold. While the rested for the final push, the ‘boys’ went out, they were almost completely made up of the high performance squad, except the ‘heavy weight’ who was from the student club. Their performance was as you’d expect almost faultless, few of their fights went the distance and their fitness, strength and endurance was only matched by their “contest management”. None of the other Universtiy teams stood much of a chance. It was really nice how the high performance boys were very supportive to the club player – as he did make up an essential part of the team and held his own!


Medal winners BUCS 19

Back with the girls, they did their very best and won a bronze medal. The boys went out against a team they’d already convincingly beaten in the earlier stages 5-0, and won 4-1, giving them the gold medal!




Men’s team 19

Not a bad weekends work, although it was very tiring – just coaching. Lots learnt and a lot of fun, see everyone doing so well! Looking forward to next year, the plan is to go with a bigger and stronger team. So much training to do for 2020!

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