Dates for this term/block (April to July ’18) – posted!

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Hi gang!

Ok all back in the saddle, I’ve put all the dates etc for all schools running this block. Added a couple of schools that have been running but haven’t had their own space yet!

If you haven’t had your letter yet, I’m planning on little jaunts round the schools giving out the sign-up letters this week. Keep an eye out for them in kid’s bookbags!

Any problems, as always please get in touch! Thanks for all the support as always!


PS. there might be some price increases in certain schools due to the charging of rent by those schools. This obviously affects the cost of the running judo sessions, which is already very expensive. The equipment alone runs into several thousand pounds, transport and insurances also clock up several thousand pounds per year. The rent the schools are adding to this equation is now adding a couple more thousands! It seems the fashion these days, charge twice, get less but thats a story for a different time.

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