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IJF Grand Prix Tashkent
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As some of you might know G R Gleeson was my father and responsible for me getting into this sport. He also did a lot of writing on the subject, publishing over a dozen books, along with making films and TV programmes promoting the sport. The majority of this work was done in the 1960s when he was the GB National Coach.

While watching the Tashkent Grand Prix

this morning (our friend Juergen Klinger, form the University of Bath is there coaching one of the players), one of the commentators said that he was reading Geof Gleeson’s book – not sure which one? But nice that he is and that he admitted on air! I thought it was worth while mentioning this fact on our website new feed!


Judo Inside Out
Cover picture of the republished book by G R Gleeson

We have gone to a lot of trouble putting out three of the titles that really represent the main body of his philosophy of judo, its coaching and pursuit of  ultimate performance. A tot of which is the basis of what is taught in our school judo sessions and all the kids judo classes that we do.  We have got them for sale, please drop me an email if you’re interested (finn@gleesonjudo.ocm); Judo for the West, Anatomy of Judo & Judo Inside Out (illlustrated when I can get the image to upload..).

Saturday Session
1920s Rolls
A lovely example of an early Rolls Royce outside our Saturday session


I thought I’d just put a little piece in about yesterdays’ session at Combe Grove Manor, Bath. I was really impressed by how hard everyone worked on quite a difficult training goal. I was pushing the boys to work on planning and rhythm. Using one of Juergen’s rhythm drills as a start, introducing one throw, then another with a two step gap. Then a randori session to open it up. Great job all!!

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  1. Rick Kenney
    | Reply

    Have all Geof’s books from way back and all well read!

    • Finn Gleeson
      | Reply

      Brilliant!! Glad to hear it!
      Keep the faith, see you soon,


  2. jim ferguson
    | Reply

    Finn we have talked before your dad s books educated me so much with having a disability my dad always said education and knowledge are the best weapons that you can have

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