IAPS 9-13 Boys, 10.3.18. Report.

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From a Team of Three!


                           Freddie;s Bronze medal for Hazlegrove. 10.3.18


This is just a quick run through of the main points of a long competition. The IAPS (Independant Prep Schools Association) run sports competitions for all manor of sports for the independent Prep schools of Britain. The judo is split into two, 9-13 and a younger one held in May.

We took a small team of three, from Hazlegrove, strangely the same number as we did with Kings a fortnight ago and more coincidentally these two schools are closely connected on another level, as, Hazlegrove is the feeder for the other.


                                     Freddie Fighting for the Bronze.


It was well fought by the boys entered! There was a lot of nerves, thankfully no injuries. It’s hard for boys who are so young, taking on such a major event, infront of so many people, fighting unknown competitions. It really makes you proud of the efforts the boys put in! The physical riggers of dealing with all the stresses both mental and physical is a real ordeal.Well the results, also mirrored those of two weeks ago: One Gold and one Bronze! Hard fought medals by a couple of great lads. Thats to take nothing away from the third member, who fresh to judo competitions did himself proud, fighting really hard against difficult opposition, in one of the biggest groups of the day!

                          Charlie, fighting & out in front, although not until the end..


Anyway, I’ll leave it there, I’ll have to get the report of our Spring Special up as soon as I can, a great event as always, lots of fun and learning I think!

See you all soon!

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