IJF-Paris Grand Slam

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We had a great session this afternoon! The under 8s class is really booming now! Did some good work in the overs class too. Things are really swinging!

Just for anybody’s who’s thinking of watching the Paris Grand Slam, I thought I’d give you a link (https://youtu.be/ODvKmdpKAfE) and some explanation. We’re now on the next Olympic cycle, which means the rules have changed slightly again. What you’ll notice straight away is the score board. There are now just two scores: waza ari & ippon. Yuko scores have gone the way of koka…. Contests can no longer end on a penalty score. If there’s no positive score, it’s straight into “Golden score” where as you might remember, any score wins the contest. Any hold with a hand below the belt results in a penalty. Three now means disqualification.

Any questions you might have feel free to ask! I’m planning another ‘Special’ for March. I’ll be putting out info sheets at school sessions etc. And hoping to do a competition of our own in June, followed by a presentation event in July. More to follow on both of those as I get more organising done.

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