Entry to Gleeson Judo - for Children

We try to make sure that once an application form has been handed in that students gets a place in the school club. If however the club has reached its maximum numbers we will put the students name on a waiting list, ready for the first avliable space that comes up. 



Fees should be paid in full at the beginning of each term

(please be aware Gleeson Judo runs on a three term a year basis - not six!).



Details of the payment fees are listed on 'joining' documents given to all that wish to join, however if for whatever reason you need the details directly please email us through the contact page.

Finishing Training with Gleeson Judo

A student ending their training with Gleeson Judo, we expect the rented Judo suit (which remains the property of Gleeson Judo) to be returned, washed, to Gleeson Judo either through the school office or directly to the judo teacher. Any 'coloured' belts can be kept, along with Handbooks and certificates, all of which is the property of the student! Fees will not usually be refunded if there are still sessions outstanding. Lost Judo suits or parts there of will have to be replaced prices are available as required. See below, replacement kit.

Training session information.


THIS IS IMPORTANT! All students must have a judo suit. Girls need T-shirts under their judo jackets.

Gleeson Judo can offer the rental or sale of a Judo suit. We recommend rental as with the growth of students suits can be easily exchanged with us for bigger ones. Gleeson Judo also provide high standard mats for training on. No jewellery should be worn, no shoes should be worn on the mats. Shoes should always be worn while off the mat, while suits are being arranged P.E. kits can be worn temporally for the first session. 


Grading - and advancing through the grades.

Gleeson Judo Handbooks hold all information on advancing through the grades and need to be purchased to start this process, cost five pounds. These should be kept safely as they are an important record of the student's progress! However, from feedback by parents despite our best efforts it seems we haven't spelt it out as clearly as we thought. So to try to make sure its clear: there are three areas that will be tested; throws, groundwork, and terminology, when all three areas have been past the book is stamped and then the grade is given out - belt (when applicable) plus a certificate in assembly. When a new coloured belt is required, there will be a letter home informing parents of the fee invloved (note this is only on change of coloured belt!). The student is then at their next belt. No letter home, no money required!


NB. There might not always be a regular progression through the Handbook, techniques can be done out of sequence due to the diverse levels of students in attendance at our clubs. This should not be something for concern, gaps will be filled at a later point.

We hope that makes things absolutely clear, any further misunderstandings please email us via the contact page.


Replacement kit.

Belts are often lost, new ones are £5 (not white belts only coloured ones), if we have second hand one available = £2. If trousers or jackets are lost, these will be chargable. Trousers are at present £15 each, jackets £20 and whole suits £35 (prices from 2012). Please look after the kit! We know its difficult with some of our younger students, please try, otherwise the rental system will break down. Thanks very much!





Just a quick note to you about your child’s ‘new’ Judo suit.

Please... when it comes time to wash it, WASH IN WARM WATER ONLY  NEVER TUMBLE TRY IT!!  (otherwise it shrinks!!! A lot!).

It would be better to wash as a single item – for the sake of your washing machine-they're very heavy when wet - also avoiding the danger of the “pink” effect that haunts white clothes in the washing machine.