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To further promote Gleeson Judo we draw your attention to our Judo Art Gallery where we'd like to post as much material about Judo as possible, it also serves as an outlet for Finn Gleeson's art career.



Finn Gleeson the Artist.

MA in Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art. While in Japan Finn taught English in Japanese High Schools, Kindergartens, local government education courses and at Japanese businesses. He was a lecturer at Vantan Design College a very large and influential art institute in Tokyo, working on the Art Foundation Course, (duties included preparing students for interviews at UK & US universities, along with work aimed at the students portfolios and work units on the foundation course). Back in the UK he was second in charge of art at east London school (recently featured on ITV) taking over when the Head of department was forced to leave. GCSE exam & prepartion was successfully taught, making the art dept. one of the most successful in the school. Work programmes were set up to cover targets for Key Stage 3. The challenge of a very limited capitation brought about some very inventive projects for both areas of study. Finn now also runs a small business organising art events for himself & friends called Gleeson Galleries.


Finn completed a PGCE in Art & Design in 1990 and has QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Plus a 'Level 2' (Club Coach) Judo Coaching Certificate. Finn has taught for over 20 years, teaching many different subjects in many different educational institutions both in Japan and the UK. Before starting Gleeson Judo, Finn was Head of  the Art Department, in a Secondary school in the 'East End' of London and following that ran the Team Bath, Judo School's Programme at the University of Bath. All this experience within the educational world puts him in an ideal position to incorporate  relevant elements of the UK National Curriculum into the teaching curriculum developed for use by Gleeson Judo in the teaching of school students.

Many of his qualifications are focused around Art, having a B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E . (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and an M.A. in Fine Art. He has had numerous exhibitions worldwide and a diverse clientele for his artwork. He continues to work in what little time is available after Gleeson Judo (see gleesongalleries.org).

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