Saturday Judo in Bath, Somerset.

Combe Grove Manor Hotel and Country Club, extra curricular Judo session

With no attached school for this session anyone can come along. There have been a great range of students from many different schools attending this session. Age divisions are only there as a guide! Registration in this class is only necessary if you are unattached to any recular school club. If you are then this is a 'come when you please' session. First attendance is free, following ones are £5, payable on the door to me. This can also be used as a 'make-up' if for any reason you've missed a school session! Any questions, please get in touch, I'd be happy to provide any answers!
Saturday UNDER 8 (guide only, talk to me and we'll decide which is better)Combe Grove Manor Hotel and Country Club12/1/19 - 30/3/19
Note for both sessions: none in 1/2 term (16 & 23 Feb). Sessions on Jan 26 & Mar 9 will run together
15:00 - 15:30 No sessions on Jan 26 or Mar 9 - please attend 3.45 session
Saturday OVER 8 (guide only - max age about 14, again only a guide some current students might stay longer)Combe Grove Manor Hotel and Country Club12/1/19 - 30/3/19
Note for both sessions: none in 1/2 term (16 & 23 Feb). Sessions on Jan 26 & Mar 9 will run together
15:45 - 16:45
Jan 26 & Mar 9 both sessions will run simultaneously on these dates

School Sessions in Bath, Somerset.

The State Schools

Schools sessions are run as an extra-curricula club augmenting the National Curriculum aims in PE, giving the students of the school a unique opportunity to take part in this great activity, fitness, strength, confidence are all improved along with many other elements essential to the growing child, for example, social skills, cooperation, a sense of fairness, to name just a few!
MondayCombe Down School14/1/19 - 18/3/19
Remember none in 1/2 term (18/2/19) but sessions run either side 11/2/19 & 25/2/19.
8:00 - 8:45am
WednesdayOldfield Park School16/1/19 - 20/3/19 ('half-term 20/2/19 no session, sessions 13/2/19 & 27/2/19 running)15:30 - 16:30
ThursdayNewbridge School24/1/19 - 21/3/19. (no 1/2 term session but 14/2/19 & 28/2/19 on!)8:00 - 8:45am
ThursdayAAADepending on numbers - dates to be decided. 12:45 - 13:15
FridaySt. Stephen's School18/1/19 - 29/3/19 (1/2 term no session - 22/2/19, all other sessions on!)8:00 - 8:45am
FridayWeston All Saints Primary School1/1/198 - 22/3/19 (1/2 term 22/2/19 no session- all others on!)15:30 - 16:15

The Public Schools

Sessions run at these schools are focused on backing up the work of the school's PE programme. Covering the targets of the National Curriculum. Working to improve the learning experience of all the students taking part, building confidence, fitness, strength and many other aspects of the growing child. Now with KES being a member of IAPS, we'll be looking to get results from this competition too!
MondayKing Edwards Junior SchoolPlease see school calendar12:40 - 13:10 First Class
13:10 - 13:40 Second Class
TuesdayKing Edwards Pre-Prep SchoolPlease see school calendar13:00 - 13:30

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