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Ok, been a while since posting on the website, thought I should. The new year has got of to a good start. School clubs have turned up better numbers than last year which is pleasing on many levels. We’ve had some very enlightening interactions with the High Performance Programme at the University of Bath along with the new England Coach, Sandra Klinger, highlighting areas of development which are lacking at the higher end of judo performance at which they are concerned with. Bearing this in mind we intend to start addressing these areas in our sessions so at least if nothing else, Gleeson Judo students will be slightly better off than the national average! Well that’s our plan anyway.

IAPS national judo champs for Prep schools Hazlegrove Prep school
This organisation runs the national comps for all sports for the independent schools.

The first of the years comps took place yesterday. Although a controversial one (this being due to the fact that despite the unusual tradition this comp was in fact open to any school girls. The inevitable likelihood being club players would turn up, making the playing field anything but level), we had a couple of girls enter from Hazlegrove Prep and after a lot of hard fighting one come away with a bronze medal. Some invaluable experience and great judo work done by both! It needs hardly be said, we are incredibly proud of both girls!!

There are several more comps coming up. We’ll put out some news posts after those events, letting you know how everyone did.

We have another one of our ‘Special’ invitation judo events at the University of Bath coming up in March. If you want to book a place, get in contact with us.

A snap shot of this closed group’s page.


FaceBook as brought some good things our way. The closed group British Judo History, generated a lot of interest in my father’s book. Three of which we went to a lot of trouble and expense re-publishing. Three sets of three books were bought, so a very happy result. Anyone here wants to buy a set or just an individual book, please get in touch. We only have two more copies of ‘Judo for the West’ but quite a few of the ‘Anatomy of Judo’ & ‘Judo Inside Out’.



The set of three books Judo for the West, Anotomy of Judo & Judo Inside Out

Very briefly, for those not in the know, ‘Judo for the West’ is now quite an historic book. Written shortly after my father took up his position as full time professional National Coach to the BJA (British Judo Ass). It outlines ideas and plans to build a system for developing home grown international standard judo talent and all that is needed to do that. It was and in some people’s opinion still is a ground breaking volume. And was and perhaps still is on reading lists at US sports universities.




First book of the then new National Coach for judo G R Gleeson.


‘Anatomy of Judo’ deals with the whole issue of drills, or in judo parlance kata (from the Japanese for form or shape). There are several historic katas which are used in advanced gradings and for demonstrations. This book, looks at what profit these could have for teaching, learning, training etc in judo. Ways to view them, develop them and to create new and personal ones for specific purposes. Also very enlightening as drills are used in many learning/training environments, so a good understanding is very necessary!

A look at kata/drills their uses, and how to develop them.













‘Judo Inside Out’ is a cultural look at judo. Its position and relationship to many other areas of learning and study. The biography is quite a read on its own!

A cultural interpretation













Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now but please feel free to contact me on anything I’ve said or indeed with any other questions you may have! Thanks for reading!

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