“Special” Training Day – 25/11/18.

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Sunday’s SPECIAL


Ground work featuring
We all had a fantastic day at the University of Bath’s dojo! There were twenty-three participants from a wide range of schools covering the whole of Somerset. We had four from Bristol, three from Sparkford (Hazlegrove Prep) and the rest from schools in Bath: King Edwards, WASPS, St Stephens, Newbridge, Combe Down & Oldfield Park! All school’s doing judo with us at Gleeson Judo, school clubs and extra curricula sessions!
It was an hour training session, with the VIP presents of Prisca Awiti-Alcaraz, who represents Mexico on the international judo stage and trains full-time in the University’s High Performance Programme. It was, as all of these sessions are, an enormous amount of fun but also a great chance to learn from top performers and others from different schools. Judo is all about the social as well as the physical. It is a truly glorious thing to watch all those different individuals on the mats working with other students they don’t know, caring for each other, pitching their best skills at one another. There was a really wide range of ages, sizes and abilities, we only had one bloody nose and one kicked face – A truly rewarding day!

Thank you for all those who turned up! For those who, even though invited couldn’t make it, you missed out! Our next “Special” is planned for February. Keep you Sundays free, don’t miss out next time….

Thanks again and we at Gleeson Judo wish you all a very Happy Christmas and new year!!

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