Tying a Judo Belt

Benefits from Judo:

The physical attributes of judo training for the individual tackle all of the following issues:


  • physical confidence2011 James's pics 063

  • social interaction

  • increased cardiovascular strength

  • coordination

  • core strength/stability

  • balance

  • general fitness

  • Self discipline with a moral perspective on fair play and cooperation with peers in working towards a mutual goal - skill improvement


Judo is a combat sport where all the skills are fully tested by the individual student in a controlled and carefully orchestrated manor in accordance with their level by the teacher. These skills can then be turn to self-defense if so required (although not encouraged at school!). There are no blows or kicks within Judo. Violence is strickly controled and the rules and spirit of Judo are followed to encourage a possitive training experience. Gleeson Judo is concerned, as was Kano, only with the Physical Educational elements of Judo. This also ties in with the aims of the National Curriculum, which we also cover.


  1. All students must have a Judo suit.

  2. Girls are to wear T-shirts under their Judo jackets. 

  3. Gleeson Judo can offer the rental or sale of a Judo suit.

  4. Rental cost is 60p/session and is included in the fees - unless a suit is owned.

  5. We recommend rental for our younger students so with growth, suits can be easily exchanged with us for bigger ones as they grow!

  6.  Shoes should always be worn while off the mat, this ensures a reasonable level of hygiene. NOT on the mats! Paying tribute to the Japanese origins of Judo, principles of etiquette and hygiene.

  7. If you have a foot infection, socks should be worn.

  8. No jewellery should be worn, including watches & earrings.

  9. While suits are being arranged for students a P.E. kit can be worn temporally- only for the first week.