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First of all, Happy Christmas

(after the fact I know but better late than never) and of course, all the very best for 2018!!!

Sorry not th best pic ever

Main news items:

The last ‘Special’ of 2017 was held just after the schools broke up, it was a lot of fun as always! A wide range of students made the effort to attend and we were lucky enough to have Gregg Varey to help us out! He’s a very accomplished player with Team Bath, having won many European Cup Medals and attended many events across the world! His judo and personality was a really benefit to all attending. Next ‘Special’ is booked for the 11th March, the summer one is on 20th May, both 9 – 10 am (get it out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday!). Letters will go out to those to be invited nearer the time. Keep working and if you haven’t been invited yet, you will be! I am planning a little something in the new term regarding the Specials, I’ll let you know what when I’ve sorted it out….

* * *

If you you’re reading this for the first time, the ‘Specials’ are intense training sessions arranged for the more experienced of our players, not only to train with others from different schools of their own age and standard but also to take advantage of being able to experience the top level judo of players from the University of Bath’s High Performance Programme. Work done at these sessions by the Bath players is obviously tempered and controlled in order to prevent injury. The students themselves are given free reign to get the most out of what they have been learning – this isn’t always appropriate or possible in the school’s club sessions. I feel it is a great experience for our students and can be nothing but a benefit on many levels! I won’t go on more here but if you are interested in how this and in fact all the judo I do is planned to develop children, not just in terms of judo but in the much wider field of education, please drop me an email or catch me at the end of a session.

* * *

Other news,

Finally I’ve got the new dates up for this coming term. Saturday, classes are affected by the Independent School competitions as always this term – sorry. I’ve tried to keep the disturbance to a minimum by only cancelling the under 8 sessions. However, if any of those attending want to do some judo on those dates (24/1/18 & 10/3/18) please feel free to attend the over 8 class! It will be similar to a Special training, the older trainees will have to help/gage their judo according to who they are on with, as the Uni players have to. All good training, for both individuals involved! Its a broadening of experience for all which is never a bad thing!

Well I think that is all for the time being. New schools, Oldfield Park in Bath and Pensford near Bristol, haven’t yet got their own slots of the “classes” section of this website but I’ll try and get that sorted out in the next few days… All being well. Letters will be going round the schools in question, if they haven’t already. Please don’t be shy, give me a shout if there’s anything you feel the need to ask me about! I’m always happy to hear from you.


Finally, thanks as always to all those who support not only Gleeson Judo but the children taking part! I wish you all a happy and successful 2018!

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