Extra Curricular Judo Class for Kids 2015

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Classes are taught by Head Coach Finn Gleeson

Finn was trained in his early Judo career by his father G. R. Gleeson (a highly respected and experienced Judo coach, practitioner and researcher), you couldn't have wished for a better start in Judo at that time whilst based in the U.K.

This early training held Finn in good stead when he later traveled to Japan; where the artform was created.

During his early career he assisted at his father's coaching seminars, which tackled many avant-garde issues in sport and its coaching. Finn started doing Judo 'seriously' from the early '80s,leaving for Japan in 1992. Finn competed in competitions both in Japan and the UK. He was also present at many international competitions from an early age, while his father worked, coaching the British squads.

Finn learnt from some of the best instructors in Japan within several of the top training centres, he dedicated most of his time to the Kodokan International Judo Institute.

Kodokan International was set up by Judo’s founder Professor Kano, he also established the Nippon Taku Daigaku (Japanese National P.E. University) and Waseda University among many others.

Finn won his Third Dan Black Belt from the Kodokan International Judo Institute before returning to the UK in 2001.

While in Japan Finn taught English in Japanese High Schools, Kindergartens, Japanese businesses whilst running local government education courses. He was a lecturer at Vantan Design College (a very large and influential art institute in Tokyo), working on the Art Foundation Course.

Finn has currently progressed to his 4th Dan Judo level, issued by The British Judo Association.

Judo with an Educational Goal


Gleeson Judo is an educational agency, which teaches both curricular & extra-curricular Judo to various schools in an ever increasing area throughout the South of England.

Children of all ages are taught, from reception all the way up to sixth form in both State maintained and Private schools alike.

Classes run at all times of the day, before school, during lunch breaks and after school, in fact classes will run whenever and wherever they can be fitted in.


Gleeson Judo is committed to delivering high quality teaching of Judo education to its client schools and their pupils with professionally qualified staff.


Special attention is paid to the requirements of the National Curriculum targets through Key Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 in order to augment what is delivered by the schools we work with.

If you would like to set up a Judo Lesson in your area